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  • What is the major difference between Delta Sigma Pi and Alpha Kappa Psi?

Great question. We both are professional fraternities, but Delta Sigma Pi is specifically a Business Fraternity. Alpha Kappa Psi is open to accepting all majors, while Delta Sigma Pi only accepts business majors. So that means that our events and members are business focused to enhance your experience in the business world.

  • Why should I join Delta Sigma Pi?

There are numerous reasons to join Delta Sigma Pi. From Professional events such as resume workshops and professor panels to company tours and networking events. Delta Sigma Pi excels in bringing you closer to your dream job. Our Community Service committee led by the Vice President of Community Activities puts together events that align with the business world very closely. We also proud ourselves in giving back to the community around us. Our Fundraising committee led by the Vice President of Fundraising puts together events that are fun and resourceful to the chapter. Lastly, the social aspect of the fraternity. We pride ourselves on being a brotherhood. That includes holding social events to deepen our bond and get to know one another in a more informal manner. Due to having brothers in multiple business majors, we get the opportunity of having them as resources during college and even after. Alumni often come back and give helpful advice along with internship opportunities to current brothers interested in their particular fields. These kind of business resources are just part of what Delta Sigma Pi has to offer to many business students.

  • What does the pledging proceeds entail?

The process officially begins after you accept your bid. The pledging process typically ranges from six to eight weeks. A potential Pledge will take four quizzes leading to a final exam. Study guides are provided by the VP of Pledge Education to help pledges earn a better grade. Each pledge will have a "Big Brother" to guide and mentor them throughout their pledging process and DSP experience. Each pledge class will be led by the Vice President of Pledge Education. They are your resource to the chapter along with your "Big Brothers". This process is dubbed by many current and alumni as the most fun process they've been a part of. Each pledge class is responsible for putting together events which will be attended by brothers and other pledges. More information on this will be provided once you are given a bid.

  • Are there leadership opportunities while pledging?

Yes, there are. There a number of ways to get involved while pledging. Each pledge class has position pledges run for in their first meeting. The positions include Pledge Class President, Pledge VP of Chapter Operations, Pledge VP of Finance, Pledge VP of Professional Events, Pledge VP of Community Service, Pledge VP of Social Activities.

  • How do dues work? And How much dues does one has to pay while pledging?

Dues are a fee paid by each member, each semester. While pledging you should expect your dues to be no more than $136.

  • What kind of internship opportunities does Delta Sigma Pi provide?

Delta Sigma Pi provides a huge network along with many professional events to build connections with individuals in each business industry. The diversity of our chapter provides different events that cater to each major. We have previously toured many industry leading companies such as Ernst & Young and Google. We look to build upon this. Our brothers have also held internships at various different companies (see: "Where our Brother's Work" tab under "Professional Development"). This kind of connections helps either land a job interview or get in connection with someone at the company. Many of brothers have landed their respective internships with the help/recommendations of other brothers.

  • How much time commitment would I need to commit for Delta Sigma Pi?

Pledging process does involve a bit of time commitment. Weekly pledge meetings are held every Sunday from 8 pm to 9:30 pm. A pledge will also need to attend multiple events throughout the semester to complete their requirements towards becoming a brother. The pledging process also includes a unique experience to interview each current brother in an informal setting to better get to know everyone in the chapter. More details will be provided by the Vice President of Pledge Education.

  • Can I join Delta Sigma Pi and another social fraternity/sorority?

Yes, you can join Delta Sigma Pi along with being a part of another social fraternity/sorority.

  • Why should I join Delta Sigma Pi over a social fraternity/sorority?

Well, although we pride ourselves on being a professional business fraternity. We value other aspects of being an organization on campus as important. Whether it would be social events or our philanthropy activities. Delta Sigma Pi would be the ideal one stop for all business students who want to improve their professional selves and build relationships that will long last even after graduation.

  • What events do I have to attend during the Recruitment process?

The recruitment process requires a potential pledge to attend one of the four information sessions put on by the chapter and a completion of the application. Then we will invite you for the interviews with our brothers. After which, there will be a secret ballot voting ceremony to potentially extend a bid to a perspective member and give them an opportunity to be a pledge.

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